MetLife Dental Insurance Plan Details

MetLife is one of the largest insurance companies in the world, offering insurance of every kind to both individuals and corporations. Although it is most well-known for its health and life insurance, MetLife also offers dental coverage, although not nearly as extensively as its other services. A MetLife dental insurance plan is not for everyone, although for residents of certain states it could be perfect.

MetLife Dental Insurance Plan Coverage

At this time, MetLife only offers dental plans in the states of California, Texas and Florida, in tandem with vision coverage in a package plan called SafeGuard. SafeGuard is what is called a DHMO, a dental health management organization, which emphasizes preventive care and management of services for maximum cost-effectiveness. With SafeGuard, participants are guaranteed no annual maximums, deductibles or other out-of-pocket expenses other than co-payments to participating dentists.

Classic vs. Premier Coverage

Although the network of care providers remains the same, plan participants can choose from two levels of coverage. SafeGuard Premier Choice plans give people lower co-pays on services, but they do pay higher yearly premiums than the Classic Choice Plan. Classic Chose participants pay higher co-pays but have lower yearly premiums. When visiting the dentist, Premium members will pay $5 co-pays, where Classic members will pay $10.

Covered Services

Participants in a MetLife dental insurance plan will receive yearly dental checkups and cleaning sessions, x-rays every three years, and necessary services such as fillings and extractions as needed. All services should be coordinated through the insured's primary care dentist, except in the case of emergencies. Emergency care will be given and covered to a certain extent and reimbursed according to MetLife's state-by-state regulations.

Specialists and Second Opinions

If a MetLife dental insurance plan participant needs the services of a specialist or requires a second opinion regarding a complicated matter, their policy covers those costs. As long as the primary care dentist signs off on referrals, the insured need only pay the normal co-payment for an office visit, and if any services are required they will be assessed according to MetLife's DHMO specialist services scale, which is standardized.

Payment Options

MetLife offers its individual dental insurance plan participants convenient payment options. If the insured wishes to pay for their coverage yearly, they may use either a check or credit card. Those who prefer smaller monthly installments can choose the credit card or bank account debit options. Monthly premiums start at $8 per month for basic individual coverage, topping out at about $25 per month for full family coverage, dependent upon the state of residence.

MetLife dental insurance plan participants have access to a large network of providers and a wide array of covered services at a relatively low cost. Although these services are only available in three states at this time, it can be assumed that the future will only afford new opportunities for expansions of this company's services nationwide.